[MC]2 Conference

[MC]2 2016 revealed free valuable resources, operation details of working smart factories, and practical advice for manufacturers to implement or improve their goals to achieve the digital factory.

Engineers, technicians, software developers, managers, scientists, and owners gathered together to discuss the blueprint to achieve a connected and smart factory. From the importance of linking OT and IT and protecting every piece from malware to systems that aggregate data to create insight and value to improve overall operations and production, [MC]2 expanded the conversation on the modern manufacturing landscape.

2016 presentations will be available soon – attendees will receive an email when session recordings are available at AMTonline.org.

Highlights from [MC]2 2016

Engineers, technicians, developers, factory managers, scientists, and business owners came to [MC]2 2016 to explore the blueprint for a smart and secure factory.

They discussed the value of connectivity to improve overall operations, production and customer relationships, as well as the importance of protecting data and equipment from malware, solutions for linking OT and IT, harnessing the power of the cloud, using established resources more efficiently, and employing robotics, automation and new training platforms. Read More...

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